Thursday, August 28, 2008

a new door opens

Chris and I have been trying to start a family for over eight years now, and even with a little medical intervention we've continued to be unsuccessful. Financially, adoption seemed out of our reach.

Just when we'd pretty much given up all hope of ever having a family, we got a call from my Aunt Lou. (She was visiting in July and during a conversation about her numerous grandchildren, I commented that obviously my infertility problems didn't come from her side of the family. Like others, she assumed we didn't want children.)

About two weeks ago, Aunt Lou called to say that the hospital where she works has newborns abandoned there sometimes, and would Chris and I be interested in adopting one. Of course we said "yes!" (She said teenage girls come in the hospital complaining of cramps, etc., saying they couldn't possibly be pregnant, and then deliver a baby they don't want.)

There are laws in many states that say a baby can be left at a hospital, fire station or police station, no questions asked. This is to prevent the newborns from being left or dumped someplace else. I read somewhere that 180 babies were saved in one state in one year due to this law. See Safely Surrendered Baby Law.

The first thing we had to do was create a little booklet (a profile) with photos of our families, our home, our dogs, etc. and tell a little bit about each, and include our problems with infertility and how much we want a family.

We completed our profile and sent it to Aunt Lou. It arrived safely.

So with some help from my parents and Aunt Lou, we hope to have a new bundle of joy in our home soon. Keep those fingers and toes crossed!


Anonymous said...

Yay! The little Holdsworth clan is so excited that we can hardly sit still!!!!

-Amy & Paul Theruviparampil

AD....D said...

All fingers crossed, prayers said - Wishing you and Chris all the best.


Anonymous said...

Hey Julie,
I am excited for you!!! Just a thought though, you might want to consider having a home study done for the potential adoption. I worked for an international adoption agency and performed home studies all over Virginia for families working on their dossier. Although I can't do a domestic home study, it will make life much easier for you down the line if you have one done now. It will prevent a long waiting period while they run background checks and home visits. There are also payment plans based on your income in many cases. I can tell you more about it if you have questions. Let me know. I am very, very happy for you!!!

Sharon Bracken

Anonymous said...

I wasn't on your list but Sarah Hayes was and shared this good news..I .will be praying for you!
Dee Callahan

Anonymous said...

I do hope this works out!!my fingers and toes are crossed!!


The Pierce Posse said...

Fingers crossed . . . This blog is gonna be GREAT

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of a fostering-adoption program. What a great program! I will have my fingers and toes crossed for you (and will be walking funny). I don't know anyone who would be better parents. Carol Bradley

Anonymous said...

Best of luck Julie. You might also check into military new borns as well. Sometimes female career soldiers get themselsevs into the same situation as teenagers and also look for potential adopting parents. There is so much military in VA that this could be another avenue for you and Chris. Love you and keeping my fingers crossed too.