Wednesday, April 7, 2010

always with the waiting

Ok, so, it's CD12 today. For FET, I will have to start Lupron on CD21 (April 16).

We are currently waiting for our attorney to draw up the legal agreements to transfer the embryos into our possession. After everyone has signed off, the embryos will have to be shipped to our lab.

It's not looking good for an April transfer, which I'd really, REALLY hoped for.

But, miracles do happen, so I'm not giving up hope yet!


birthmothertalks said...

Waiting stinks!! But I am excited for you. Basically after the orginal parents of the frozen embyros are signed over to you then they have no legal rights? So, an adoption but in a different way?
From an birthmother's side I wonder how the emotions of that are for them. It's a great thing they are doing. I hope the best for you.

Christine said...

Once you start lupron, they can keep you on until they are ready for your cycle to begin - maybe your transfer will be on my birthday 5/2 :)

commenting on birthmothertalks - as one who has donated embryos to another couple, it is for our family an emotional decision, but one that is done out of love and belief that life begins with conception - embryos begin life with cell division and they deserve a chance to grow to become little bundles of joy. While my husband and I have been blessed now with two children, it is hard to simply allow the destruction of those embryos. Knowing that they have a chance at life with another loving family is a comfort. Open embryo adoption allows both families and children to become another extention of the family unit. Family is what you make it, wheather through the extention of life long friendships, adoption, or blood.

Julie said...

Thanks Christine, I couldn't have said it better if I'd tried!

The Dawes Family said...

JULIE!!!!!!! I am so sorry I have been wrapped up in my own issues I have not been following you well on here! OMGOODNESS!!! I am thrilled for you! I knwo that all the waiting sucks, BUT in the end it will be soooo worth it! I am thrilled to read this news!!! I really need to watch your blog more! (((HUGS)))