Wednesday, February 25, 2009

people keep asking

By now, everyone knows about Nadya Suleman and her crew. People keep asking me if we'd like to adopt one of her babies. I don't think they are available for adoption, and after all the press, I don't think we'd really want one of her babies because of the insanity of it all. We wouldn't want any part of that part.

I just keep thinking "those poor, poor babies, they have no idea what's going on." I hope they are safe and loved.

I do not understand Nadya and I doubt very much we would ever end up adopting one of her babies.


The Vance's said...

I don't think she would willing consider adoption. I can't imagine 14 children.

When we adopted our youngest from Alaska (our birthmom was 17 at the time) we were always asked if it was the governor's daughter. lol

BB said...

People ask me that all the time, too. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I could go Raising Arizona on her.

Julie said...

A, that thought had crossed my mind, I must admit

Julie said...

Maybe "everyone" feels that we would each be able to take better care of one of her babies. Maybe it's a compliment?

Now there is talk that the hospital may not let her take all the babies home due to their welfare.

I'm finding her more and more like a car wreck, it's not pretty, but I can't look away.