Thursday, May 14, 2009

courses change

You may have noticed, our journey has changed it's course slightly. We are now looking into foster/adopting. Waiting for a newborn could take a few more years. We certainly wouldn't turn one away, but we've widened our search to include children up to five years old.

For those of you doing your home study, take note, it cost us $150 to change this on our already completed home study report. It's an addendum to our original report. We had never specified boy or girl, we'd be happy to have either.

Foster/adoption is fostering with the intention to adopt. These children are not going back to their birth parents for whatever reason.

Children in foster care are waiting for their birth parents to get their lives together so their children can come back and live in their home.

When you foster with intent to adopt, you are given a stipend (yes, the first thing I think is this system has the potential to be abused by some) until the child reaches the age of 18. The child is also on medicaid until the adoption in finalized.

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Parenthood For Me said...

I think it's a wonderful decision. I have been thinking more and more about becoming a foster parent with intent to adopt.