Friday, May 8, 2009

nearly 9 months

We are 2 weeks away from 9 months of adoption journey. We'd hoped it wouldn't take this long. We've hoped for a lot of things.

We've had 2 opportunities.
  1. a birthmom in PA looked at our profile. Her baby boy was due April 30. She looked at over 150 profiles. We were not chosen.
  2. (sit down for this one) our social worker called us and said that a sibling group was available: a 6 year old by and his 4 year old twin brother and sister. We actually said yes we wanted to be considered for this foster with intent to adopt situation. They had been with a foster to adopt mom who abused the girl. It went to court on Tuesday and all three kids were returned to the abusive foster/adopt mom. We were one of 3 families being considered.
Adoption IS a roller coaster. Oddly, infertility is a roller coaster too... I'm starting to not like roller coasters...

I get SO excited about each opportunity, I don't know how not to. A birthmom friend of mine says it's because I have such a big heart. I think I'm just a glutton.

It's just like when I was pregnant, I want to tell EVERYONE. I find it very hard to keep to myself. But like miscarriage, when these adoptions don't work out, I have to untell everyone.

I am starting to look at adoption like falling in love, we will have to kiss a few frogs before we find our prince or princess.

I will say the last opportunity has opened our hearts to consider older children. We are now thinking we'd like a child up to about 4 years old, maybe 6. If we want to change our home study to reflect this, it will cost $150 so we are going to think about it a bit.

Yes, I do get tired of hearing "your child is out there" but I have to keep believing that it's true.

Let's hope we don't have to wait another 9 months.

Thanks to family, friends and the kindness of strangers. You know who you are. Your support is greatly appreciated.


marmiesmusings.blogspot,com said...

I appreciate your blog, I work in foster care and I could think of a dozen children I wish could be placed with you. But it is complicated, the push is to leave children with their family if they can be safe and services can be in the home. I pray your child comes soon. There are so many that need a loving parent!

Julie said...

Marmie, thank you for your kind post. Again, the kindness of strangers never ceases to amaze me.

Samantha said...

Hi! One of my online friends sent me to your blog because we will more than likely be hopping on the adoption process bandwagon this fall. We've been ttc for 16 months (I know it's not *that* long to ttc compared to most) with unexplained infertility and have always had adoption on our mind. We decided that we'll do two more IUI's and if they fail then we'll start the adoption process. It was a good learning experience seeing all the steps you have taken so far. I wish you the best and I'm very excited to welcome a child into our life through adoption!


Michelle said...

Hang in there, guys. We have been on the same adoption rollercoaster for over a year now, and the infertility rollercoaster for 5 years before that. The ups and downs will test everything you are. However, you learn so much about yourself and your relationship along the way. It will make the journey all worth it once you have your child in your arms. Good luck!