Friday, May 14, 2010

happy thought!

I just remembered!!!

My paternal grandma made me two baby quilts when I was in college! I think they are at my mom's house. I hope they are safe and sound because I'm planning to use them!!!


Margaret said...

!!! That is exciting:)

Christine said...

Awesome! A and I each have a quilt from our grandma's and will give each of the babies a quilt made by their great grandma.

gina2pa said...

My mom made my sister and me a quilt for college too, mine were lost along the years. I hope you find yours : )

Love the blog Julie!! Keep up your spirits.

We are waiting for our home study to come back on Monday and we "go live" with our adoption too. So we know what you have been going through.

I'll be thinking about you!