Sunday, September 28, 2008

books i bought yesterday

The Complete Adoption Book
by Laura Beauvias-Godwin & Raymond Godwin, Esq.
copyright 2005
(thanks to Stephanie for the recommendation!!!)

10.25.08 I want to add that this is a BIG book (690 pages!) and I find it very strange that the part about the home study is in the center of the book (page 306), I would have thought that would be at the beginning. I also find it frustrating that it was last updated in 2005.

Labor of the Heart:
A Parent's Guide to the Decisions
and Emotions in Adoption

by Kathleen L. Whitten, Ph.D
copyright 2008
10.25.08 I am liking this one too. It is a little more warm and fuzzy, rather than all business, if that makes any sense.

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