Tuesday, September 23, 2008

home study preparation

I am hoping to schedule our home visit soon. I am in the process of document collecting!

A home study consists of:
  • A series of visits with your adoption social worker, including at least one visit to the family home
  • A medical form for all members of the household, completed by your family physician
  • References from non-relatives, who have known you at least two years
  • An autobiography which will include significant happenings in your life and your feelings associated with adopting a child
  • Copies of birth certificate(s), marriage license (if applicable), divorce decrees (if applicable)
  • Verification of employment or income
  • Criminal, Sex Offender, and Child Protective Services Record Checks
  • Agreement of Non-Use of Physical Punishment for a child placed in your care

    Additional requirements will vary depending on the type of adoption you are considering, whether it be international or domestic (relative, open, parental placement, or agency).

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