Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i want my MTV!

(How old am I? does anyone else remember that advertising campaign?) :P

Two of my friends told me about a program on MTV called TrueLife and right now there is an episode on called "I Placed My Baby for Adoption."

It was on at 4 a.m. today so we DVR'd it and my husband and I are watching it right now. I wanted to post so you can search for it and hopefully it will still be running for the next week or so.

It is a reality show about 2 pregnant young women and their decision to adopt, but it's just one episode.

We are still trying to learn as much as we can about what it's like for the birth mom.

updated 3.26.09: there is a followup to this program on here. I watched it and it was very good. I feel for the women who have to make the decision to keep or give up their baby. I know it must be difficult to keep in mind what is best for the baby.

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Anonymous said...

Our agency said the more therapy the birth mom has during pregnancy the less likely she'll be to change her mind at birth. They have so many hormonal changes and if not warned about that ahead of time and all the emotions they will immediately feel then they aren't prepared.