Sunday, December 21, 2008

home study update

Friday I received a copy of our home study report. Unfortunately there were many errors. If /when you have a home study, please be sure to ask to see it before it is signed and notarized. My husband's age was off by 10 years among other errors.

Due to the amount of errors, I have asked to see the report again before it is signed and notarized.

I am guessing this is gonna mean our report won't be finalized until some time between Christmas and New Years. Keep your fingers crossed.

I plan to get our 800 number ((866) number?), finish our profile and make up some calling cards over the holiday break. I am keeping busy and that's a good thing.

Chris and I are considering entering a 10k next spring . We did it in 2007. It will give us something to work towards and keep busy to help the time pass.


Mom of Snooch said...

Just don't screw your knee up. LOL!!!

Julie said...

again! LOL!