Friday, December 12, 2008

my “Adoption Stories” addiction

We watch “Adoption Stories” every morning at 6:30 on Discovery Health Channel while we get ready for work. While it bothers me that all we see is the “happy ending” portion of the adoption journey, I still find these programs inspiring and educational.

Today’s program in particular got our attention.

Episode: Devon’s New Family
Marty and Joe, a gay couple in a long-term relationship, meet 23-year-old Emily, who has already lost custody of two children due to her drug problem, has entered a methadone treatment program just as she learns she is pregnant again.

Marty and Joe’s adoption went VERY quickly, like a matter of WEEKS from the time they decided to adopt (I want more details!). And they were so cute, they said Emily looked like she could be their daughter, and it was true, the three looked very similar.

Anyway, it was a very touching episode. They all wanted an open adoption and kept in touch with Emily. But the end, the voice over says something like “shortly after filming this episode Emily became ill and died in her sleep.” I wanted to CRY!

These stories continue to touch my heart and inspire me. If you or someone you know is in the process of adoption, you might wanna check them out. I think the same episode runs three times a day.

Adoption Stories episode list

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