Friday, July 10, 2009

growing frustration

  1. Maine updates their website QUARTERLY, so you can see the same kids there after they've been placed, but they will still show as available until the next quarterly update.
  2. Our social worker inquired about 2 sisters in another state, she was told to send our home study, she did. I called to follow-up to be sure our home study was received. The girls case worker told me that due to the fact that the girls have siblings in their state, only families in their state will be considered and that she is THROWING AWAY our home study. Whey didn't she tell our caseworker that when she made the initial inquiry?
  3. Some states post children on their websites even though the children have ALREADY BEEN PLACED.
  4. In some states the children remain on the website as available even thought their case worker has submitted paperwork to have them removed or marked as adopted. Seems many states have a backup with paperwork and cannot keep the children's status up-to-date.
  5. One state told me they could not afford to pay the webmaster to keep their website up-to-date. GOOD GRIEF!

This all makes it very difficult when you are searching for a child or children to adopt. If they are not available for adoption outside their state, that information would be VERY helpful to know up front.

It's looking more and more like if you don't know someone who, or have an "in" it's nearly impossible to adopt.

It should not be this difficult.


JCzaplewski said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all the frustrations you're having. Have you checked out Adoption Resources of Wisconsin? Photolisted kids are posted at

Julie said...

Thanks JC, I check every state at LEAST once a week! along with a few other photolistings I've found.

Thanks for your comment :) it is appreciated.


Tricia said...

in my state we were not even given the option to search on websites and the children who are on the website from AZ are those kids who are difficult to place- we never searched the websites our agency did the match for us. Crazy how states differ so much

Bonnie said...

It makes me want to just contact them all the states and say I'll create and maintain the website, just have your S.W.s fill out this simple form and provide a picture if possible and I'll maintain a site for all states and counties and other groups! There are children out there that need homes, there are homes out there that need're right...It shouldn't be this hard. ((hugs))

Julie said...

Bonnie, lets start a business for social services- foster/adoption department. Photo, blurb, status, I bet we could get enough people to volunteer, and we could get more kids adopted too! Even it it was a blog, with several authors. It really wouldn't be that difficult, and so beneficial for the kids!