Friday, July 17, 2009

thought for the day

How do we prepare when we have no idea how old our kids will be?

It's not like being pregnant and expecting a newborn, you know what you're having, you know how to prepare. You can plan.

We cannot buy one single thing. No car seats, no bed or crib, no toys, no clothes, nada.

It's all gonna be a last minute scramble - so that's what I'm trying to prepare for, if that's possible.

I am a planner. I think this is what frustrates me about adoption. I cannot plan.


sarah m said...

I'm with you on being a planner and not knowing what to of the hardest parts for sure!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that takes some of the fun out of it. But you'll have a ball getting it all when your time does come!

gina2pa said...

An Adoption Baby Shower will be great too. Make sure you already know who you want to help you and everyone who is invited already knows that the baby shower will most likely be a last minute invite. You can have your baby registry already completed at Target, Babies R Us etc, but dont put a birth date-that way when the time comes the only items you need to add are the sex specific ones. It will be so great and amazing J, that when you do it have to make "that mad scramble" you will do it with a HUGE smile on your face the ENTIRE time.

Good luck--


Kgerl said...

I can't wait for the scramble! Is that weird? I think it will be one of the coolest things, when we finally adopt - to go to Target and just go bananas!

Leslie & Erik said...

Ohh my! I am going through the exact same thing right now!! Quite frustrating.....

Faith said...

(from the fertility forum) We also adopted a sibling group of 3 and that last minute scramble was actually kind of fun and I'm a HUGE planner....almost OCD LOL When we got the call about our match, they wanted us on a trip ASAP to meet them. We had about 2 weeks to finalize everything, make hotel arrangements and get beds, clothes, toys, extra suit cases, car seats...etc. It was a mad rush, but still fun. Just keep putting back some money for it and you'll be fine. Once you talk to the foster parents you can find out likes and dislikes and then go shopping for your new babies :) Oh and want to know the really fun part....after meeting them and hanging out for a few days, their caseworker said that if we wanted we could take them home that trip, talk about whirlwind!!!! We had to scramble and rent a small Uhaul trailer to get all their stuff home, their foster mother was very nice and gave us all their toys..etc.

Allie said...

(I know I'm late to this post... sorry)

I'm in the same boat. The only two things I know we HAVE to get are 1) a car seat and 2) the 4 in 1 crib so that we have a bed.

Drives me crazy. :)