Wednesday, July 15, 2009

whose parents are we?

We are being considered as adoptive parents for these 2 sets of siblings as well as another set of brothers (whom I do not have a photo of).

The kid's social workers DO have our home study in hand, and as one social worker said "we are in the hat."

It is very nice to have some positive news and know we are being considered, after all the negative news lately. Maybe these are not our kids either, but we will keep searching until we find them!!!

FYI, my friend A and her husband J are also being considered for the two brothers pictured above. So these boys have at least 2 options for great parents!


Anonymous said...

No. Way. We were interested in the top sibling group too but never fully decided. How odd!

Tricia said...

awe!! They are both adorable, your attitude is good about it- do they have a date for the staffing yet?? (when they choose a family)

Julie said...

Tricia, if they do they aren't telling. :)

Julie said...

A, Maybe I should just adopt you and then your kids will be our grandkids!!! I'm glad I don't feel like this is a competition, the best parents will be chosen in each situation. And I'm so glad to know you and have someone to share the wait with. I bet we will be blessed with our kids at the same time :)
Love ya A!