Friday, September 11, 2009

Adoption Diaries

New show premieres Saturday, Sept. 12 at 10p|9c on WE tv

WE tv's new original series, Adoption Diaries, explores the process in which privately held open adoptions take place. The series showcases the matching process between couples who, having struggled with infertility, turn to adoption and the brave, expecting mothers whose difficult and selfless decision to place their children for adoption makes it all possible. Each episode features clients of the Independent Adoption Center, a nationwide nonprofit adoption agency specializing in domestic infant adoptions. The IAC has been a trusted advocate of fully open adoptions for over 25 years. To learn more about the Independent Adoption Center, visit their website at

My DVR is already set!

PS we still watch “Adoption Stories” every morning on Discovery Health. We've seen some of them at least three times now!

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Lani said...

wow i am so glad i saw your post off another persons blog. I will be setting my DVR when I get home. I have seen those Discovery Adoption Stories a bunch of times too and always wished they were making new ones.

Thanks for posting. I am an adoptive parent, feel free to read my story on my blog.

Good luck to you on your adoption journey!