Wednesday, January 20, 2010

something else I've learned and wanted to share

When you are looking at photolistings of kids in foster care, just because there photo is posted there does not mean that child is available for adoption from foster care.

We've figured out it's like some job postings, they are planning to hire from within, but still must post the job for the public. They already have chosen a family for these kids, but for some reason must post their photolistings.

I check many state's sites regularly, so I see some kids as soon as they are posted, inquire, only to find they have already been placed. I find this very curious.


In our state, Virginia, it is not mandatory to take any classes to complete your home study. So we haven't had classes of any kind, just home visits, fingerprinting, physicals, background check, financial check, CPS check, etc. And in Virginia our home study is good for three years. In some other states, home studies are only good for one year. So we may have problems with the one-year states accepting our three-year home study. Wouldn't you think it would all be more standardized?

So we are hoping to take some foster parenting classes so we can add it to our home study report, kinda like improving our adoption résumé to better our chances.

Also, some states won't consider us because we have no "parenting experience." Hello! We cannot have children. So, if we do foster parent for a while we can add that as parenting experience.

Why oh why does this need to be so complicated. There are children who need a home and we have a home to offer.


Anonymous said...

So many sickens me. These poor kids.

BHRMAMA said...

Been following your blog for a little while. My husband and I are in the process of our third Fost adoption. Seem like you are having to do the work your SW should be doing. I would recommend doing whatever it takes to get a good SW. It would be worth the time. When you have a good SW they make things happen for you! I would also recommend getting your foster care lic. That is how we have done it and only excepted ones who are most likely going up for adoption, but get to have them in our home and bonding much sooner! Just my two cents. Not sure how helpful it is! Praying you will be blessed soon with children!

snickie said...

ICPC is extremely flawed (adoption between states) the only ones it reallt hurts is the kids. I guess that is ok with politicians.

KT said...

I have to laugh at the "no parenting experience"...nah, really?! Ughgh!

To become foster liscensed in our state (IL) there are a lot of classes...something like 8 weeks - 1 night a week. We have had many courses to get our adoption liscense as well. Sad thing is...they don't overlap at all. So if you switch, you have to "start over".

Thanks for posting the Haiti memo. I get frustrated when people say, why don't you adopt a Haitian child...ya...not that easy!!

gina2pa said...

I am confused, we are doing our homestudy now and I was under the impression that our homestudy is only good for 1 year also we started our homestudy before and were required to take 10 hours of online classes/training. We started again this week with a new homestudy provider (the other, and independant hs got pregnant-go figure) and they require us to do 10 hours of training too.....maybe its just them. Either way I have been following you for awhile and wanted to check in today and see how things were going for you. I see you stil havent adopted....keep your chin will become a mommy!!! Have faith!

DAILY.SAM said...

We joined the Big Brother Big Sister program to boost our 'resume', but to mostly fill our childless void. It's a great experience and you get to be a huge impact on a child's life. Just a few hours a month too.