Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We started our journey hoping to adopt an abandoned baby from the hospital where my aunt works. Then we looked into private open adoption and found out that it's something “normal” people simply cannot afford.

So, for the past six months or more I have been searching the internet and children who are in foster care and free for adoption (meaning their parent's rights have already been terminated for one reason or another).

Our social worker has suggested we get certified as foster parents for a couple of reasons. This will allow us to get some parenting under our belt and we can add that to our home study. She also stressed that the majority of children who are adopted from foster are adopted by their foster parents.

I'm still wishing someone would just leave a baby in a basket on our doorstep. A girl can dream.

I turn 45 in April and I'm having a lot of stress and anxiety over this fact and the fact that I'm still not a mom, and I don't want people asking me if I'm my child's grandmother!!! And we started trying to get pregnant when I was 34! Who knew!!!

That's my story, and I'm stickin to it!


MJ said...

We also had the concern of high cost adoptions. We choose to go the foster/adopt way to have a family. For us it worked out. We ended up adopting four siblings last March. It is hard to say good bye to foster children. I just kept an open mind that I helped that child during a time when someone had to and our forever child(ren) would be placed in our home in due time. If you do decide to go the foster route, I highly recommend that you join a foster parent support group. It is such a comfort in knowing that there are people going through the exact same thing as you. Dealing with the same workers, court system, child behaviors, etc. Also, if you are open to the idea of a sibling group sometimes that can help you get matched sooner. It depends on the state. Here in Texas I have known of a lady in her early 60's adopt a little boy that she got as a newborn. One couple in our group also adopted a girl that they also got as a newborn and they both were in their early 50's. Just passing some info along...good luck in your decision making and adoption journey.

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting certified to foster. More classes....oy.

Hedgetoad said...

Somewhere on the 'net is a website that has statistics about the percentage of adoptions in each state, private vs. state, by foster parents vs. adoptive parents. When I saw that in my state over 90% of all adoptions were by foster parents, it made the decision pretty clear for me.

Angela said...

We have been hoping to adopt for a year and half. Not nearly as long as you, but, Its a tough journey. We recently started the process for foster care. I have been hesitant for many reasons but I believe its worth at least going to the classes and learning more. Then assessing where we feel about it & if its right for our family as we get closer. Good Luck!