Saturday, January 3, 2009

creating your adoption profile

The more beautiful, the more eye-catching, the better. You want to attract the attention of a birth mom.

Graphic designer that I am, I’ve found the task of creating our profile a very difficult one. Maybe it’s the perfectionist in me...

Anyway, I found some digital scrapbooking software and downloaded it but after a few days became more than frustrated that it wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do graphically. If you aren’t a graphic designer this software may work for you, it’s called iScrapbook. I think you can download a trial before paying for it, but some options are not available in the trial. It’s for Macs, but I’m sure there is scrapbooking software out there for PCs too.

If you are a graphic designer and have the Adobe Creative Suite, I recommend downloads from
ScrapGirl. They have jpg, png, etc. files that you can use in CS. There is a section of FREE stuff and I recommend downloading that out first, even if it is not your taste to get a feel for it, then you can download other papers, embellishments, etc. as needed. I have much more control and like this much better.

FYI: as in real life, most digital scrap book paper is 12"x12" but you can adjust it easily to 8.5"x11".

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