Saturday, January 3, 2009

infertility unites

A beautiful baby girl was flirting with Chris and I yesterday at the Olive Garden while we were waiting to be seated. Big mouth that I am, of course we ended up in a conversation with her parents about infertility and adoption right there in the packed waiting area.

We discussed how isolating infertility can be and what a shame it is. They were excited to hear we are waiting to adopt. Total strangers united by infertility. Not a conversation you'd expect to have while waiting for a table, but then if you know me, you know me.

I gave them the address to this blog and I hope they visit. We would like to be in touch with them.

So if you are the couple from the Olive Garden with the beautiful redheaded 1 year old girl, please leave a comment or contact us. Connections like this in the “real world” are rare. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Hollister said...

I was out to dinner with my husband, and I was drawn to a non-asian couple who had two little asian girls with them. I was enamored with them. I could not help but think if they knew all that is infertility like us, if they had adopted the girls... in a big city of fertile people.
I have also met a friend in person from a TTC message board. It was so refreshing to talk to someone in person about everything!!