Monday, October 20, 2008

myth of fingerprints

We were at the state police office bright and early this morning, in fact, they weren't even there yet.

There are two state police offices about the same distance from our house, but we chose the one that didn't charge $10 for fingerprinting, we got ours for free, saved $20 – call around.

The officer said he was use to fingerprinting sex offenders and this was a nice change of pace.

All ten fingers individually, rolled, then four fingers together, and a thumb.

That's a lotta ink! Bathroom's down the hall ma'am.

This particular police office shares a building (and bathrooms) with the power company. So I'm in the bathroom trying to get all the ink off my hands when a woman comes in and says "get in trouble with some toner?" and innocently I say "no, I've just been fingerprinted" and she says "ooohhh" and I immediately say "NO NO NO I'M NOT A CRIMINAL!!! IT'S FOR ADOPTION!!!" and she says "whew!" She kindly brought me some handy wipes to help get the ink off.

I'm thinking I'll get a plastic box to keep all our adoption stuff in so no one chews up anything of significant importance!

One more thing ticked off the list.

(It is my understanding that local police use to do fingerprinting but they don't any more, at least in my state. And in my state, not only did the three state police offices I contacted charge different amounts (or nothing) they also all had different hours – who knew?)

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Stephanie said...

That's so funny! Thanks for posting the tips...I never even thought to check around for the cost of fingerprinting (hey $20 is $20!).

Maybe your poor jealous dogs need some new chew toys? Books sound like a favorite LOL!