Friday, October 24, 2008

we survived home study meeting #1 - wooo hooo

So we turned in everything but our autobiographies and boy was our social worker impressed! She couldn't believe we'd even had our physicals already. Hey, we are on the ball and had been given a heads up by my friend Sharon, so we knew what they were gonna ask for before we got our packet.

There was one problem. There was an information sheet that was suppose to go with the fingerprint sheets, but we didn't get it. So we didn't know we were suppose to have a $100 cashier's check to turn in with our fingerprints ($50 each). So we stopped by the bank on the way home and got that and have to mail it to our social worker so she can send our fingerprints off for our criminal background check.

Other than that, we've pretty much had to rule out international adoption due to the high cost.

I had been working on our profile and took it to show her to get advice, but she loved it so much she wouldn't let me have it back and wanted to keep it! Fair enough, I can print more ;) But she was well impressed at what we'd accomplished since we attended the adoption workshop on October 7.

One down, two to go!

Julie: FYI, duck tape never came up :D

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Foxxy One said...

Giggle :)

Glad it went well and it's one hurdle down.