Monday, October 13, 2008

searching for French or UK adoptions

I came across this while searching for French or UK adoptions, since we met in France and Chris is from England, I figured why not (fyi, neither country has children available for adoption).

from: The Bayou Belles and Their Beau blog...

"I would love to adopt, but honestly, we just can't afford it, which is a shame. I mean, does the government really want to find homes for these children or make money? Even going to another country to adopt would be great, but that can be even more expensive.

"The girls know I want to adopt and always talk about it. And so we did talk about it again at lunch.

"K Belle talked about how she wanted us to adopt a baby from Ireland or France. I think she thinks they are automatically born with those particular accents and speak the languages fluently. I explained to her that the babies would grow up being American just like we are."

This just totally cracked me up. It reminded me of my first visit to Paris and I just thought those children were BRILLIANT because their French was so wonderful, of course I knew it was their native language, but still, it blew me away, so this post just made me giggle!

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