Wednesday, October 8, 2008

things i learned at the family center seminar

  1. Home studies are now good for three years in the USA, HOWEVER, in some countries, they are only good for one year, so be sure to find out what the rules are for the country you wish to adopt from. The date begins from the date on your first document, i.e. your certified wedding or birth certificate.
  2. You should only adopt from a "Licensed Child Placement Agency" and you may ask for a copy of their license, otherwise, chances are that the "agency" may be a "baby broker."
  3. There are different laws for adopting from every state, and I mean totally different. Some states are easier to adopt from than others.
  4. If you are looking to adopt domestically, you should consider getting an 800 (or 866) number to make it easier for a potential birth mother to contact you if she wants to. FCC Toll Free Numbers.
  5. When you create your profile, you should not include your last name, but you should include your social workers name, your attorney's name, an email address, and a phone number (an 800 number will make it easy for a birth mother to contact you). Be sure to put your contact info on every page in case your pages get separated from the cover, or cover sheet. The attorney suggested placing your profile on and contacting any ob/gyns in your area to let them know you are interested in adopting.
  6. Right now there is a three year wait to adopt from China.
  7. There are many different types of adoptions: agency, parental placement, international, open, closed, independent...
  8. It can take 8–12 weeks to complete the home study.
  9. The home study is the first thing you must do for any adoption.
  10. A birthmother likes to see lots of nice photos and a letter to her.
  11. There are usually 3 post placement visits after the adoption. This is to be sure everything is going well for the new family.
  12. You can research international adoption agencies on the Homeland Security website.
  13. It was also recommended that I check the BBB when looking for international adoption agencies.
  14. It is legal to advertise in the newspaper (that you are looking to adopt). I was surprised and don't think I could never do it because I'd be too worried about scams, etc. (but all I could think of during the seminar was "Juno" and the PennySaver!)

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