Sunday, October 5, 2008


We still haven't decided if we will go with domestic or international adoption. They both have pros and cons. We plan to do our home study for international adoption, which can later be adjusted for domestic adoption.

This week we are going to a free adoption workshop offered by a family center in Richmond. Mom and dad are going to meet us there. The workshop will cover all aspects of domestic and international adoption including: home studies, various ways to adopt, legal questions and post-placement services.

home study
I am still waiting to hear back from two foundations about our home study. I've narrowed it down to these two foundations simply because they offer the cheapest home studies, however one comes highly recommended from our friend Ashley and his wife Karen. I've contacted both foundations TWICE now and am getting impatient! I want to get things moving!!! Maybe the workshop will give us some good tips for dealing with stuff like this.

international adoption
If we decide to go with an international adoption, we are considering Ukraine. This is the country our friend Sharon worked with for many years. One thing I've learned about adoption from Ukraine is that only one trip is necessary. Many other countries require two trips (for instance Russia requires two trips). The youngest babies can be adopted from Ukraine is 14 months old. I believe this is to encourage adoptions from inside the country first. Adoptions from Ukraine are closed adoptions meaning there is no contact with the birth parents.

domestic adoption
We are still also considering adoption from the hospital where my aunt works in California. One of the drawbacks of this is we have to wait to be chosen by a birth mother, and the birth parents my request an open adoption, meaning we stay in contact with the birth parents, sending photos and having annual visits. We would prefer a closed adoption. One of the benefits of this route is that we could get a newborn baby.


Sanchez Stories said...

Good luck on your adoption journey, we adopted our DS, and he is so amazing!
I hope your wait goes soon!

Foxxy One said...

Actually, there is a new program in Russia called the "Moscow Program" that allows you adopt in one visit :)