Thursday, October 16, 2008

thoughts from another friend

I'm so happy to share our adoption journey with so many friends, and I'm even happier my friends have shared their stories with me. It has taught me so much about adoption already, the kind of stuff I cannot learn from reading a book or searching the web.

Here are some thoughts from another person I am honored to call my friend.

I'm a 60-year old female. Never adopted. Raised by two good people that I loved very much. It's possible that I was a black-market baby or the result of rape. I am told I even attended high school with my brother who lives about two hours from me, but doesn't know about me.

I have always had an emptiness, a hole in my heart, as though life begins with my birth... many teary and unsettling days since I found out, just before graduating high school, that I was not their birth child. But I'm grateful that she did not choose abortion, but allowed me life.

There is definitely something to be said for allowing the child to know both sides if they can/desire to know it, helping to avoid that emptiness that always seems to be just under the surface, and unexplainable.

God bless each of you and may God bless your searches both in finding birth parents and in finding your child to share your lives.

Thank you to sweet Sally for allowing me to share this with my readers.

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