Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the case of the basket case

So, everyone keeps saying how happy they are that this is all moving so fast. While it might seem like it's moving fast, the home study is only a small step in the adoption process. And it's kinda funny because it doesn't seem like anything's going fast to me. LOL.

We have our home visit this Friday. Our social worker will come to our house, make sure we don't have guns, drugs or anything else unsafe laying around.

We've been burning candles for a week trying to get the doggy smell out of the house. It never smells doggy to me until we've been out and come in when the house has been closed up. Don't want to offend our social worker with the doggy smell (sorry Woody & Gemma!).

It's suggested that you serve your social worker a beverage and cookies or something, but we are afraid the dogs will drool all over her so we've opted out of the food and will just offer her something to drink.

I'm worried. Worried about being judged. Biological parents never had anyone look into their lives (I mean every nook and cranny) the way pre-adoptive parents do. It's all very intrusive, very unsettling .

I keep telling myself, "hey, whatever we have to do to have a baby, just do it!" I know it will all be worth it in the end.

Just think, this time next week it will all be behind us :) wooo hooo!

Thanks to all for your kind words and support, it means a lot! *hugs*

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