Sunday, November 16, 2008

i found hope at a farm market

The first Saturday of the month, there is a farm market nearby. There was a new vendor at the November market, Jewelry by Heart2Heart. I bought a circle with Hope on it (mine just has the word once).

As my friend Rick's grandmother says "Hope gets us to the bridge, faith gets us across."

I've learned a little hope goes a long way.

(Jewelry by Heart2Heart will be at the Irvington Farm Market in December and/or you can check them out at their website. They have circles with other words on them and they will create pieces upon request. They handcraft each piece with precious metals and genuine gemstones.)


Stephanie said...

I've had alot of catching up to do so instead of commenting on each entry I'll just post it all here!

It really looks like things are moving along for you! And, I agree with the family tree aspect. I wouldn't want my child to think of their birth family as mom and dad, ect, but they are still family and I do think it is important that they have some kind of background or family history. They will just have two!

Angie said...

I love it! What beautiful symbolism. All I got was a tattoo that says "Good Woman" in hierglyphs. LOL.