Thursday, November 20, 2008

immigration déjà vu

So when Chris immigrated from the UK, there was a lot of paperwork, a lot of hoops to jump through. We jumped. We were never anything but honest. Chris got his green card four short months (short by immigration standards, long by newlywed standards) after we were married.

When we started our home study, we were given a checklist of documents our social worker would need from us (see post below called "home study checklist" ). Now she keeps asking for additional documents. More hoops, and once again we are jumping and being nothing but honest.

In both cases (immigration and adoption) it seems like they are asking "how badly do you want this" and in both cases the answer is "we will do what ever we have to" for Chris to immigrate, for us to have a baby.

I like to know the rules of the game, so I know how to play the game. I get really frustrated when the rules change mid game. I am trying to continue playing and as Sharon says "accept the challenge."

Game ON!

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