Saturday, November 15, 2008

our references & more

I am happy to report my references FINALLY got their letters from our social worker. She was supposed to have sent the letters out after our first meeting on October 24. They were finally sent out Monday, November 10 after I called a few times to see if they'd gotten lost in the mail.

We have been very diligent about getting our paperwork in as quickly as possible in order to move ahead quickly, so this really frustrated me because it was out of my control (other than to be a nag).

We have scheduled our third and final meeting for later in December, but Chris and I talked after yesterday's home visit and decided we want to try to move it up, otherwise we are afraid our report won't be completed until after New Years.

Oh! and our social worker told me our police reports came back with our last name spelled incorrectly! Ack, I just need MORE control!!! LOL!!!

This is definitely a lesson in patience.

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