Sunday, November 2, 2008

the Cinderella complex

I must admit, for many, many years, whenever I see women with children or families together, I feel jealous. I feel like I've been left out of something big, very big. Like I haven't been invited to the biggest party in the world and everyone is there having the time of their life. Like Cinderella, everyone is at he ball but me.

All these years of waiting to be a mom, all these years, it's been like waiting for my life to start. I'm 43. Life HAS started. I guess I've been waiting for my life as a mom to start.

So back to my Cinderella complex. I've been pregnant (went very briefly to "the ball") so now I just have to find out who has our glass slipper (a baby for us to adopt). I guess that would make our social worker either our fairy godmother or prince charming!

I'm ready for some magic! Yes, I do look forward to having a baby, being a mom and not having any time to blog!


Mom of Snooch said...

Can't wait till you have NO TIME to blog, Jules!!

Reminds me of someone I know who has a blog that is VERY out of date. I wonder who that is?? Hee hee.

Sefus said...

Great post J.
Ahh. Soon you will just "ahh." What a wonderful (in every sense of the word) day that will be.
Much love and support! :)